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Our one-stop booking services with clients from a diverse pool of talented individuals and groups from various genres of music. We collaborate closely with each client to determine the ideal event or routing while taking charge of all aspects of the booking process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience

Entertainment Service Provider

Artists We Have Worked With

Anxious (US)
Angel Du$t (US)
Backtrack (US) 
Bane (US)
Birds In Row (FR)
Candy (US)
Citizen (US)
Combust (US)
Day By Day (US) 
Desolated (UK)
Ekulu (US)
Envision (US)
Fiddlehead (US)
Full Of Hell (US)
Hollow Suns (JP)
Jesus Piece (US)

Krust (US)
Magnitude (US)
Malevolence (UK)
No Pressure (US)
Regulate (US)
Soul Blind (US)
Speed (AUS)
Sunami (US)
The Chain (AUS)
The Others (AUS)
Whispers (TH)
Xibalba (US)
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